In fact IT Market is a progressive market. Hardware, software and IT methodology are growing and changing in an amazing speed. Based on that, we believe, specializing skill and competency will keep as update and groing. That is the reason why we are focusing on specific products and brand.

Currently we are focusing only on IBM Products, especially in the area of Information Management and Application Services. We are providing service base on the above product for area of :

  • IT Consultancy, such as System Architect, Enterprise Data Modelling, Project Assurance and Assessor
  • Education and training, related to IBM Data management products, IBM Websphere Family and also tradional programming such as COBOL and PL/I
  • Solution Builder, that range from study, design, programming and implementation
  • Provide HC package solutions and services to local market
  • Outsourcing for Human Capital Administration and Processes, such as Payroll and taxes, Man Power, E-Leave, Recruitment, etc.

Not to mention a view,partnering with other company, we are colaborating together to provide more solutions to customers.

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