Human Capital Management System (HCMS)

Human Capital Management System (HCMS) can be considered as major system in the business organization. It is part of company critical success factor. As a system, must meet the demand of business complexity. It means, competitiveness of the business will depend on the readiness of its HR System.

As never before, HR Unit mustl play a new role as a strategic partner to the company. Inline with their new role, they need a breakthru from HR system that will play a central role in formulating strategic business plans, carrying out the organization toward a new vision. As competition increase, even small worker productivity gain are capturing the attention of management and shareholders. Furthermore, business that best cope with workplace change will attract and retain the best and brightest employees on it.

Some Organization already embrace the importance of managing people toward the vision. However, many others remain unaware. How about you ?

The challenge is compounded by the age of global competition. The rapid pace of change has made absolute the idea, that the successful strategic planning means simply predicting future labor requirement or recognizing trends. While entrenched on today's challenge such as re-organization, business re-engineering and coping with skill shortages, to name a few, the breakthru HR system already has telescope aimed at the future, exploring, emerging issues that have yet to clearly develop.

How HR Managers and their staffs are meeting the millenium challenge ?

Do you imagine the complexity of managing HR data? Even a curriculum vitae of a new hired will consist of a variety type of information. And, after five years his or her data will be growth significantly up to 100 times, depend on what process and information needed by business. How many data must be stored for a company that employed 300 people? more over to a corporation that compound from several companies and business unit. how can we sure that HR processes, to name a few, recruitment, administration, and up to people counselling and development will run effetively and effeciently ? How many HR staff require to perform this processes?

Have you ever imagine, when HR managers and staffs are given the power to make decisions through the use of powerful tools ? Yes, the new vision of Personal Self Service will be the answered !!

They can access and analyze the information reside an database anywhere, anytime and with any criteria ? They will be delightful ! managers and staff can cope together in preparing and building HR data with consistent result. Higher level management can also take the advantage of the tools by using it direcly and will be reduce unnecessary information filtering and distortion. What is the result? A more precise and clear strategic to support a more competitive business strategy....!!                                                                         BACK TO THE HOME PAGE