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We are really understood, information technology play a major role at every businesses, and for sure, applications will differentiate who will be the leader. But do you realize, that your applications are only the front-end ? Infact, your database design influenced every single process on your applications.
In offering solutions, we are focusing in designing the most optimum Relational Database Management System to fit with customer requirements. And this is become our expertise that already acknowledged by our customer.
Have you join to our Public Services ? We would like to share our solutions to business community, where you can use this facility for free, from Online Recruitment to Online Survey facility and many more to come.

Human Capital Management System(HCMS)

Human Capital (HC) Management System can be considered as major system in the business organization. It's part of company critical success factor. As a system, it must meet the demand of business complexity. It means, competitiveness of the your business will depend on the readiness of its HC System.

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ARMES is an integrated total solution that consist of 8 integrated solution modules imbedded with standard operating procedure, What's good on it ?

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Human as a Capital
Your people is an assets, managing their competency and skill, but not to forget Appraisal and Reward system, will incredibly busting your company competitiveness in the market.


Nominator Indonesia ICT Award 2009
Kelola SDM dengan Baik Bersama ARMES!

Sentuhan Khusus ARMES untuk Aplikasi SDM Mungkin sudah banyak aplikasi bisnis yang tersebar untuk mengelola sumber daya manusia (SDM).

Mari Kita Sambut, Inovator Baru ICT Indonesia tahun 2009 ARMES (Advanced Human Resources Management System) The Winner Kategori: e-Bussiness for Enterprise


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