This modules design with a flexibility to cover a dynamic scheduling system, and to interact with external device such as absence machine. This modules also has a flexibility to define up to 99 types of absentee criterias, such as maternity, Hajj, half day vacation and many others with default parameter.

This modules also provide a sophisticated report that combine all leave and absence type to become an employee roster report, availability report, late and unpaid report, and even a productivity vs attendance report.

What is the functionality detail of this module ?

  • Dynamic absence type definition that refer to company rules and guidelines
  • Connect to almost any absence machines
  • Progressive leave based on year of service and grade
  • Aniversary cycle or Annual cycle of leave method
  • YTD leave eligibility
  • Overnigth shift
  • 'Unlimited' shift type
  • Automatic overtime eligibility definition by shift type
  • Link to overtime data for payroll system
  • Link to training and sick claim attendance
  • Link to benefit for a specific shift type
  • etc.

People Administration Management,
Absence and Leave Management,
Training Management,
Reward Management,
Performance Evaluation Management,
Payroll and Taxes Management,
Personal Self Service