This modules is intended to manage even a very complex benefit system. It covers from standard benefit such as medical, insurance up to a self define benefit and eligibility. Using this modules, system will manages limit of benefit eligibility, occurrence, and type of benefit usage, based on grade or even based on year of service. System will also inform the user for any benefit changed due to change of location, position, and even year of service, and ask confirmation from the user before applying it.

What is the functionality detail of this module ?

  • Provide benefit reference table for all structure in company
  • Exception of benefit eligibility
  • Link to Payroll system to automatically generate Payroll transaction
  • Automatic detection of benefit change due promotion, relocation, etc.
  • Link to personal Self Service to provide Self Reimbursement system to employee
  • Dynamic benefit payment thru advance or payroll cycle
  • Posibility to define more than one payment point (cashier) for different work unit.
  • Integrated with absence system for leave due to medical claim.
  • Provide reference table for working equipment eligibility
  • etc.

People Administration Management,
Absence and Leave Management,
Training Management,
Reward Management,
Performance Evaluation Management,
Payroll and Taxes Management,
Personal Self Service