PT Sarana Mediajasa Infosis was found and established in 1995 by some technical people, were IBM'ers from IBM Indonesia. And then became IBM Business Partner and Independent Software Vendor (ISV). We are exclusively focus on IBM software, especially in the area of Information Management and Application Development.

ARMES (Advance Human Resource Management System) is a package that we developed locally to fullfil local needs. This is an integrated total solution that consist of 8 integrated solution modules imbedded with standard Indonesia operating procedure. It was designed based on intensive HR study by several HR Consultant and had been implemented dynamically at our costumer that range from Goverment, Private and also Multinational Companies.

Inline with our skill and competency, we also provide service to others, such as IBM Business Partner, and also to some IBM ASEAN country. Our services are ranged from System Architect, Software Technical Support, Education and Business/Application Process Reengineering. To named a view, PERTAMINA Shipping, PT TASPEN Persero whose reengineered their Business Process with a good track record. And some cases, with our skill and experience, we act as 'Fire Figther' to somebody else projects. Which means, we take over their project and delivery it to their customer successfully.

Last but not least, our package ARMES was rewarded as a winner in INAICTA 2009 in the area of Enterprise Business Category , awarded by Ministry of Information and Communication. We believe, this is not our last outstanding achievement, we are pushing our self to the limit to promote Indonesia Local Software to be accepted in country and abroad, and we are willing to participate in promoting Indonesia as a source of IT compentency to global market.