Evaluation is a definitive process, it must be specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, time based and aligned (SMARTA). The definition must come from top to bottom, where target, plan and indicator must be defined by the Board of Director and delegate them to all structures in the company. Using this modules, system will manages all individual responsibility based on his position or by special assignment.All target assign to individual can be monitored two way between individual and their manager. Start from target assignment, weight of target, plan and task to achieve the target, counceling and self assesment on the result.

What is the functionality detail of this module ?

  • Based on Balance Score Card
  • Predefine company target
  • Delegation target to all structures with default value
  • Dynamic measurement on result
  • more than 1 evaluation period in a year
  • Weighting control on target assignment
  • Two way monitoring process
  • Reminder on evaluation due date
  • Link to payroll system for bonus calculation
  • etc.
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Training Management,
Reward Management,
Performance Evaluation Management,
Payroll and Tax Management,
Personal Self Service