This module covers all administrative and organizational aspects of employee data. Start from Biodata, historical information, such as position, training, reward, family information, etc. It is also equipped with a sophisticated report, such as employee composition, organization structure, movement report, etc.

What is the functionality coverage of this module ?

  • Active & non active historical Employee personal data
  • Historical record of award & punishment
  • Historical Position Title & Level
  • Historical employee education & training (formal or informal).
  • Note for special language ability
  • Insurance plan
  • Special note of individual competency
  • “IF QUERY” analysis data
  • Employee Photo
  • Complete family data & Address
  • Out country traveling record include spending cost during traveling.
  • Format of administration module can be modified
  • People administration reporting.

Administration is a based module for ARMES licensing, become mandatory to all modules accordingly.

People Administration Management,
Absence and Leave Management,
Training Management,
Reward Management,
Performance Evaluation Management,
Payroll and Taxes Management,
Personal Self Service