ARMES is an integrated total solution that consist of 8 integrated solution modules imbedded with standard operating procedure, What's good on it ? of course you can adopt them at your company. Why ? because those standards were defined by a reputable HC consultans and had been impleented dynamically at our costumer that range from Goverment, Private and also Multinational Companies, Let's take a look a little closer to ARMES.

ARMES is comply with Indonesia HR standard and policy, maintained by local staff and it's really opened and progressive. You will find a lot of sophisticated function, but more function will come as enhancement to existing function.

ARMES is designed as a Human Capital System, because we believe, your employees are the most valuable asset in your company. You can effectively and economically streamline human resource processes across your entire operation, saving money and increasing employee morale. ARMES will colaborate effiently with other user tools without loosing control in accessibility and security over the entire human resource management cycle. From human capital management, people development, employee performance and best practise reward system become an integrated processes in single system.

Last but not least, ARMES was rewarded as a winner in INAICTA 2009 in the area of Enterprise Business Category , awarded by Ministry of Information and Communication.

And Partnering with other reseller, show our commitment to make ARMES become standards HC system in Indonesia.

People Administration Management,
Absence and Leave Management,
Training Management,
Reward Management,
Performance Evaluation Management,
Payroll and Tax Management,
Personal Self Service