What is your thinking when you start looking for a new resources ? Is it spending too many effort, time and costly ? Is your resource provider supplying you with unnecessary information ? Can you imagine, if you can access resource database directly and select them with your own defined criterias ? Then interact with resources directly, no third party, no manual filtering and searching !!

Congratulations !!! Now, you are entering to infinite world. We will give you access directly to resources database, using more than 25 dynamic selection criterias, you can search your resources by your own. Once you are firmed with your selection, then system will notify them directly using email. Can you imagine of benefits you might gain ?

For further info, contact smarter@armessindo.com

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What do you need to enroll ?

As a business institution you need to officially enroll your company. Enrollment can be performed by sending email to smarter@armessindo.com
with attachment one of the following document

  • SIUP, or
  • Pendaftaran NPWP, or
  • Formal letter from HR Mgr or Director
Then we will provide you with unique userid and password. You can change your password after completing short profiles.

Join Now,Enroll your company or institution to use this facility for free (**), and you will be eligible to access, search and hire up resources on database. Please contact smarter@armessindo.com

Exclusive offer !  We can provide you with a link to our web address (please see sample of web page at www.armessindo.com/implementor.html) at your company website, and with your company own design, so when applicants enroll to your company, they will feel that they enroll directly to your company web site

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